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Uber:Uber application

Uber is a ridesharing application. Now no need to wait and park for a taxi. No need to do wonders to get a taxi. If you want to reach anywhere in your city. Then this application is very helpful for you. Uber app you have to download. Once you download this app then on one click taxi will appear on your home door or anywhere you stand. if you at home and you want to go anywhere in your city then taxi on your phone. Use this free application and taxi will appear on your home door in a few minutes. This application is free. Free download latest version. You can also download the latest version.



How to use:

Uber app free downloadFree download uber app

  1. click on the uber application which is installed in your smartphone.
  2. click on the Take a ride option.
  3. Insert your that location where you want to reach.
  4. Now nearest taxi driver traces your location by using this same application
  5. In a few minutes, the taxi will appear at your home door.
  6. You have to sit in the taxi.
  7. The taxi will charge on you according to time.
  8. When you reached your destination taxi will charge money by seeking time.


There are many countries in the world who use but some are included below. And they gave very satisfied feedback for This app.

  • Argentina
  • Australia  
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China, People’s Republic of
  • Croatia
  • France
  • India
  • Italy 
  • Japan 
  • Macao
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar 
  • Russia 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore | 
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Thailand 
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam 


Uber app doing business as is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, and transportation network company (TNC) headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide. You can access this application via using website and apps. Uber has made big business and it makes good changes in business industries. Might possible uber would be used for crime because the driver doesn’t know that what kind of person takes a ride, until March 2017, of Greyball software to avoid giving rides to regulators. The name “Uber” is a reference to the common (and somewhat colloquial) word uber, meaning “topmost” or “super”, and having its origins in the German word uber, cognate with over, meaning “above”.

Installation Process:

You can download and install the Uber rider app on Android devices with operating system 4.0.3 and newer.  follow these steps:

1. Tap the Google Play icon.
2. Click the search bar, type Uber, and now click for search.
3. Select the Uber icon and tap INSTALL the setup of the app.
4. After app downloading is complete, tap OPEN. 
5. For use this app you have to sign in to create an account when you first time open this app.

Download Links:

  1. Zippyshare
  2. Dailyuploads.net

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