Vivo Nex S Specification Review Features And Price

New Vivo Nex S

The new Vivo Nex S is here with some of one the most trending design in the market ( a full screen phone ) however, everything comes with a price and the price you will pay is a motorized camera which will pop up when you will be taking selfies. Vivo have said that the motorized camera can pop upto 50,000 times which should be enough for some one. but for the long term you should think twice.

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Now lets dive in the pros and cons of this device. Basically, we will talk about the features that we liked and the features that we didn’t.

 Good Features (Pros)

  • 91.24 Body to Screen Ratio
  • 256GB of Rom
  • 8GB of Ram
  • Quick charge
  • latest version of andoid
  • competible Primary Camera
  • Affordable

minus Bad Features (Cons)

  • Motorized Front Camera (Moving Parts Age fast)
  • No Expandable Storage
  • No Water Proofing
  • No wireless charging
  • Pakistan Rs, 140,000
  • India Rs, 47998
  • China CNY 4998
  • Dubai AED 2380
  • U.S $700

Our Opinion


the Vivo Nex S is a great smartphone having no doubt but no phone is perfect. the Vivo Nex S is also not perfect but it for sure will give you the futuristic feel. but if you want to buy this it is great phone but it comes with a price like No Expandable storage, No Wireless Charging , No Water proofing and some more. if these things are not your priority than go ahead and buy this phone and of not than you should consider buying other phones like the Oneplus 6 if you like the notch, and if you hate the Notch than ylou should consider buying the Samsung Galaxy S9+ it will offer 90 percent of the things that you could want from a phone. it have expandable storage, water resistant, brilliant camera and much much more.

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